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About Us


The two of us have been fascinated with CC0 NFTs since they have been a thing.


We’ve built products, NFT collections, apps and even a DAO on open IP NFTs. Ranging from projects like UMA and Tubby Cats over to CrypToadz and even Nouns. So when the news came out that XCOPY released not only ‘Right-click and Save As guy’ and all 666 Grifters into the public domain, but all XCOPY art (excluding collaborative pieces), we knew we wanted to build something cool, thoughtful & meaningful with the amazing art that XCOPY created.


That’s how we decided to create the Grift Shop - the name of which is a nod to Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, the epic Grifters collection (of which one of us is lucky enough to own Grifter #240 of), and embracing the fact that XCOPY allows all of us to grift, allowing the nature of competition let the most thoughtful grifters of us to be successful with our interpretations of XCOPY’s art. We hope you enjoy the physical pieces & XCOPY merch we thought of, and how we decided to manifest XCOPY in the physical world.


Grifters gonna grift!

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